Loanapp Product Update

Loanapp Product Update

19th May 2019 (Version

The product updates for Loanapp managed by Simpology offer brief, high-level descriptions of enhancements, new features and resolved issues for the core components.


  • Some features affect all users immediately after the release goes live while others are turned on only for specific customers. Consider communicating these changes to your users beforehand so that they’re prepared.
  • Certain features might require direct action from your side before users can benefit from the new functionality.
  • Please also check out the previously released and enforced updates.

Natural and logical steps

Navigation keyboard shortcuts

Dashboards and clear summaries

Expected and desired outcomes after completing each step

Only enter data once

Loanapp loves sharing and re-using data. If you have already done it once, you will not have to do it again in Loanapp:

Data is shared from your CRM directly to Loanapp, so it doesn’t have to be entered again

Data is auto-populated on lender forms, so you don’t have to complete them by hand

Data that has already been entered will be re-used automatically on any matching fields

Get live data validations and property details with Core Logic RP Data

Loanapp integrates with Core Logic RP Data, Australia’s most comprehensive property database, to auto-populate your application with validated security property data.

Property Valuations

Quick Address validation

An integrated e-lodgement platform

Configured by lenders themselves.

Loanapp is configured based on lender-set business rules that cover application data, live validation conditions, products, serviceability, print forms and supporting documents. That means Loanapp ensures your brokers are always working with the correct exact, up-to-date requirements and submitting complete, approval-ready loan applications with the least effort.
System Information

Always Updated With The Latest Requirements

Outgoing Data

Application Multilevel Validation Rules


All Lender Products Included

Switch Tracks

Improved Efficiency And Faster Turn-arounds

Key Exchange

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Book Shelf

Set On Lenders’ Electronic Guidebooks

Upgrade your business

Deliver the best in loan origination.

We’re a team of mortgage industry experts. Our mission is to make the mortgage application process radically more efficient.

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The most advanced electronic lodgement tool. Loanapp is the dynamically configurable loan application tool that connects brokers and lenders in real-time.

Compose allows Lenders to implement their requirements directly into Loanapp, and to make changes to your tool as their internal requirements change.

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